Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spy Car KeyChain Camcorder DVR

This is my first post regarding mini DVRs which have been built-in to various everyday objects for the purpose covert surveillance. This is a DVR built into an everyday remote car lock/alarm/key chain. This camera works exactly as the manual says it does - it's very easy to use and the resolution is very high (1280 x 960), making the footage you record sharp, clean and clear. I've uploaded a demo of how the camera is used from my youtube page; and for your benefit here are the written user instructions and the specs:
Manual mode:

1. Enter the video mode in turn off status, long time press OFF/ON button till yellow light on, press (video/camera) button till the yellow light flashes 3 times, and the light comes off as the dvr enters into video mode. Click (video/camera button) yellow light on for stop and to save. Hold and press the same button for OFF/ON switch.

Camera mode:

Enter the camera mode in turned off status - hold down the OFF/ON button untill the yellow light comes on. Click the video/camera button and allow the yellow button to flash once. Now you are in the camera mode and can continue to click the button to take pictures again and again. Hold down the OFF/ON button to turn the camera off.

Lights Status Indications:

Charge- when charging the yellow light will be on, when fully charged the yellow light will come off. When the USB file is reading and writing, the yellow light will flash

Lights in Manual mode Indications:

Standby status: yellow light will be on

Card is Full: yellow light is on

Low battery power: yellow light will flash


Video Format: AVI
Video Encoding: M-JPEG
Video Resolution: 1280 x 960

Media Playing Software: Attached software of the operating system or mainstream audio and video media playing software. Windows Media Player recommended
Picture Format: JPG
Image Ratio: 4:3
Supporting System: Windows ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista, Mac OS10.4 (Uncertain - depends on computer model)

Charge: DC-5V
Interface type: Mini 4 Pin USB
Storage Support: MicroSD(TF) or Nand Flash
Battery Type: High capacity lithium polymer 280mha 3.7V

Mini DVR Spy Stuff

I'm going to start doing some youtube demos and posts about mini dvrs. There's so many ways to use them - due to the size you can place them in all kinds of objects. The most common are pens, keychains, watches etc. I'll make little summaries of these and give a link to my youtube site, so you can see how they're used. I'll make sure to keep short - all videos will be about 2 minutes.

Monday, January 25, 2010


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